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Caningeraba SS new Senior Learning Centre's design fail during extreme temperatures

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I am requesting action from the Department of Education Qld and to the Minister of Education Hon Grace Grace MP,  to remedy the new passive cooling designed Senior Learning Centre building at Caningeraba State School. I understand it was built in order to improve the indoor thermal comfort with low or no energy consumption due to it's design approach that focuses on heat gain control though unfortunately this design was put to the test during last weeks shocking heatwave which sent temperatures soaring and truly showed massive flaws in the intended design.

Our children have been coming home sick and some, including my own, were kept home due to being very weak and fatigued with headaches, nausea, vomiting and rapid heart rates, all which are heat related illnesses and are not to be taken lightly as heat stress has the potential to kill.

I am absolutely beside myself with the negative impact this has had on our kids and am very concerned for not only our children in our schools new senior learning centre but also for every child that has to face such hot and humid summers without airconditioning in their classrooms. The gold coast is only getting hotter with each passing year and the children and also the staff should not be subjected to this as according to the Department of Education's policy, each school has a duty of care to the wellbeing of our children and for them to be subjected to such extreme temperatures, is not complying with that duty as the current strategies in place are clearly not working. In my opinion it is not the schools who are at fault here as the Education Department has the overall control in this issue and under these circumstances I believe they are in complete contradiction to the policy they set out as currently there is nothing in place to truly protect our children from such extreme rises in temperature. All children deserve the right to learn in a safe and comfortable environment and if that can't happen then why are we sending them school to suffer and return home sick on days of extreme heat. The health and wellbeing of our children should be top priority.

What I am asking is why our new Senior Learning Centre building design has ruled out any hope of airconditioning installation as this is simply not good enough left as it is due to the forever rising temperatures in Southeast Qld.  I am also asking for this issue to be rectified as soon as possible as our children's saftey and wellbeing is at stake. 

Airconditioning should be made mandatory in ALL learning environments for children throughout Southeast QLD. 


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