Let's all together change the way it is "EDUCATION SYSTEM " let them know what v can do !!

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It's about us ! Obviously about The Students..... The Youth .!!!

Now a day what we want is a effective & quality education in which our interest urges & tension reduces . A study that makes us practically perfect which increases our abilities not our mugging power . A person having interest in  a particular subject has to study all other "EXTRA" & boring subjects which are non of his use & interest as well , but to score good in academic year they have to study those too. But is it that simple !! To learn or mug up that all stuff which will be of no use to u & just to get scored well u have to learn such things & waste your time !? Instead of wasting time in these kind of non interested subjects one should increase his or her capacity & capabilities in those things or subjects in which they have interest & have confidence that they can achieve  a sky huge success in there selective subjects . 

So the thing is that the system in which we are right now should be changed  . A kind of system or management should be governed which expands our capabilities & allows us to make our self more efficient & work worthy & reduces our burden & stress too !!

There should be a system which allows us to choose what we want & in what we are interested , not which they want us to study .!!

Come onn guys let's bring all our youth together to achieve a new binging not for other ! But for our self  . Can't we all together bring a change which is related to us only . Are we still  kids who are reliable to someone else ?? 

It's democracy guys at least we should try !! 

Sign this petition to bring a change for yourself .!!