We need factual, secular, sex education for all.

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It has come to light that three of the four accused in the recent rugby trial went to a school that uses the christian fundamentalist organisation Love for Life as their provider of sex education. While a guilty verdict may not have been reached, it is undeniable that these men show no respect for women and have warped ideas on what ‘consent’ means.

Sex education in our schools is outdated, biased and is not inclusive; where students are told “safe sex is no sex.” This is unrealistic and does not inform pupils about the FACTS of sex.

A Sex and Relationships (SRE) programme should be NON-DIRECTIVE, INCLUSIVE and simply INFORMATIVE. In other words it should be taught in a manner that is factual and secular.

Students should be FULLY informed on all options available when it comes to pregnancy, not hear things like, “when considering abortion, think about what your faith says on the matter”.

Love for Life do not offer any education on LGBT+ sexuality. The majority of people who identify as LGBT+ are within the 16-24 age bracket, and to provide no sex education for these people indicates that Love for Life want only to promote the heterosexual model of sexuality and to discourage young people from coming out without fear of judgement.

It should not shame or scare young people away from sex, but promote a healthy and realistic understanding of sexual relationships. Regardless of the religious ethos of the school all pupils have a right to this. With the passing of a Sex Ed Bill in the South of Ireland change is coming and we won't be left behind.

We demand the Education Authority implement: 

  • Factual, objective and scientific sex education for all schools regardless of religious ethos 
  • Consent and sexual harassment issues being part of the curriculum 
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education 
  • Sex education that is not gender normative and teaches about all genders 
  • Education on abortion in factual and objective way 
  • Education on all forms of contraception
  • A change to their sex education providers: Love for Life out of our schools