Compulsory subject for girls to pass any class

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The growing cases of Molestation, rape and eveteasing of women and keeping in mind the recent case of Bangalore/Deoria/Muzaffarnagar etc(uncountable) I am requesting you all to join with me in taking this message to authorities who can introduce or implement a compulsory subject of karate or self defence or Martial Arts that would help girls to secure their future and save their own respect/honour and life and girls should pass the subject just like english hindi maths etc to go in next grade. I know learning of english maths science social science is the primary motive for any school but if we dont know or not able to save our life and respect/honour then what we will do of this learning. I also know there might be several problems to introduce this subject as a compulsory one but this will secure future of our and of every girl out there for sure. I will do anything to take this forward to anyone required to initiate this as a compulsory subject in all the schools.

Eagerly looking forward to hear that there is a new compulsory subject of this category in all the schools all over India.