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Student Exchange is the key to global education. Make it accessible and affordable !

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Millions of curious and bright teenagers would love to go 
on student exchange every year. But the majority can't.
Exchange agencies take thousands of kids abroad.
But to move millions we need to change the rules.

Changing the rules means: cut the costs and the red tape.
How?   By empowering individual initiative !

The world needs a new generation with global competence.
Thousands is an elite. Millions are a generation.



Join us: We've set out to turn international student exchange into an
affordable and uncomplicated gateway to competent global citizenship!

Details and background information: (English) and (German)


Student Exchange is important.

It widens the horizon, gives learning a goal and makes life exciting.


Student Exchange is a major contribution to global understanding.

It makes sense to look over national and cultural fences.

Thousands do it. But millions should.

Right now, student exchange is too expensive and complicated.

It puts families under financial and emotional pressure. 

And it has a lot of red tape and little choice.


Student Exchange is stuck in its old ways. Its system needs an update.

Out of every 100 kids who would love to go, 99 never will.

The system hasn't really changed in almost 70 years.


"Take-it-or-leave-it"? Assigning a school and a family no longer works.

Young people should have a choice where they live and learn.

Feeling welcome in a family and a school class guarantees 

a successful year and long term relationships.


Global Natives are today's children and
tomorrow's global citizens. 
They will have to do a good job. 
Let's give them better conditions to prepare.


There is no need to be allocated a school and a host family when students and their families can find their own best matches at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to accept finding out about your school and home for the next academic year a week or two before boarding the plane. And there is absolutely no need to cry yourself to sleep with homesickness and yet hold out just because your family has saved up so hard to make your exchange possible. 
Global thinking does not start well with a traumatic experience.


The Petition for Global Natives calls 
on the world's education authorities to act!


1.) Give schools and families more autonomy and support their initiative !

In many countries a (high school equivalent) student visa is still only available through an agency. Update the legal framework to allow for individual initiatives in student exchange. Allow for trading-places deals between students by direct exchange (such as "Shared Mindspace") to minimize costs and maximize benefits. 


2.) Encourage international cooperations between schools !

Give schools the authority to issue recommendations for student visa and permit schools to take on students in exchange without charging school fees (i. e. same conditions for students and visitors).


3.) Give exchange partners for professional experience the same support !

Provide unbureaucratic ways for young people to exchange for apprenticeships and internships. 


4.) Make competent global citizenship a matter of national interest !

Make a nationwide effort to improve international exchange! Base your criteria on commitment and cooperation rather than cash and connections. 


5.) Turn so-called exchange into real exchange.
      Make the name match the meaning!

In the past it's been an assignment service although it was called an exchange. Of course, actual exchange wasn't possible until the arrival of the internet. Meanwhile the web's been around for 20 years. It's time to update the system. 


We urgently ask all supporters of this petition to forward and share this with everyone who cares for global education. What's more, please pass this on to people in the media. If you know journalists who have an interest in global issues and thinking across borders and you'd prefer us to contact them directly please be kind enough to let us know their contact details. 

Thank you!

Visit for a better insight into the exciting work behind this petition and Shared Mindspace to see how alternative ways of exchanging students already work in quite a few countries (as well as figures and facts to the current situation of the traditional exchange system). 

SHARE and SIGN this petition and pass the message on to schools and educators too. The petition will run until the end of June 2015. We will then present the education authorities of every nation with the number of signatures for their nation. 
With your help we can make NEW STUDENT EXCHANGE possible for every interested kid, regardless of nationality and family budget. With your help our GLOBAL NATIVES will thrive.





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