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On August 14th, 2012 the Education, Assessment and Accountability Subcommittee will decide whether or not to approve new regulations which will greatly impact the ability of students with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge on state required assessments.  The “Inclusion of Special Populations in the State-Required Assessment and Accountability Programs" or "703 KAR 5:070" regulations, if  passed, will remove readers from all but a very small number of students with disabilities on state assessments and those few only if they are approved through a waiver process.  Other accommodations such as the use of a calculator will be removed completely.  This is regardless of the impact of the disability on the skill being tested or if the accommodation is included as part of the student's Individualized Education Plan.   As these re-filed regulations come before the EAARS subcommittee, tell the members to send them back to the drawing board! The Kentucky Department of Education needs to revise the regulations in order to ensure that ALL students who qualify for various accommodations receive them whenever they are needed, including during assessments.  Thank you for supporting Kentucky students with special needs!

Letter to
Education Assessment and Accountability Subcommittee Senator Jack Westwood
Education Assessment and Accountability Subcommittee Rep. Mary Lou Marzian
I want to update you on the recently revised regulations relating to the document, “Inclusion of Special Populations in the State-Required Assessment and Accountability Programs” or 703 KAR 5:070. These regulations are going to be reviewed by the EAARS committee (Education, Assessment & Accountability Subcommittee) next week, on Tuesday, August the 14th. As you may already be aware, these regulations contain language which will remove the use of a reader and a calculator as an accommodation for special needs students (including those with an IEP or Individualized Education Plan) during certain sections of state-required tests. In short, a reader will not be allowed during a reading test and a calculator will not be allowed during a math test. The Kentucky Department of Education has added a waiver process which may allow a very small number of students a reader only, but the details of this process and how students may qualify have not been explained or released. The ECE Caucus of the Jefferson County Teachers Association continues to have many concerns with these new regulations and the impact they will have on students with disabilities. We believe that more time is needed to research this issue, inform the public and train teachers on implementation. We are asking for your help. Please consider attending the EAARS committee meeting in Frankfort, Kentucky on the 14th or contact the EAARS legislators and let them know why you oppose the passing of these regulations in their current form. This is a crucial stage in the process. Should the EAARS committee decide to recommend them, they will go to the Interim Joint Committee on Education or the General Assembly and we believe it will be even more difficult to stop or change them after that. We need one big, final push from as many people as possible to help send these regulations back for further review. This is our now or never moment. Please use the information below to attend the meeting or contact the EAARS members directly! Thank you so much for speaking up for our students so that they can receive the accommodations they are entitled to on all assessments.
Kennedy Turner
ECE Caucus Chair
JCTA, ECE Caucus

This link will take you to a list of the EAARS members and all of their contact information. If any of the members are your own representatives, please make sure to tell them so! We understand that it has much more impact when legislators hear from their own constituents.

It will be held on Tuesday, August 14th at 1:00pm.
The meeting will take place in Frankfort at the Capitol Annex in Room 154
Follow the links below for directions to Frankfort and the Capitol Annex building.