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Ryan Banks Academy (RBA) was founded by a social worker in Chicago who saw firsthand that many Chicago students could maximize their learning and career potential in a boarding school setting. Click here to learn more, or email us at The school is named for Ryan Banks, a precocious twelve-year- old who was a victim of Chicago’s street violence. Ryan could have easily succumbed to the pressures and patterns of violence in his neighborhood, but instead he chose to play outside and ride his bicycle. He died in a way that no one should: shot down in front of his home as he was returning from a bike ride.

Students like Ryan who are exposed to strife and trauma in their surroundings find their education negatively impacted by their environment. There is higher absenteeism, and when they can attend school they are often preoccupied with what has and will happen in and around home. Just think of the greatness that is limited because of what students like Ryan cannot control!

Those who were charged with educating and raising Ryan found it refreshing that in a neighborhood where many adolescents chose or were forced into participating in violence, Ryan elected to simply “be a twelve-year- old boy”. Those who knew Ryan wonder how he would have fared in a different environment. They also hope for and wonder about other students like Ryan, and how their academic careers and life goals would be impacted in a safe environment with sufficient resources; learning through meaningful real-world experiences; collaboration and healthy competition with peers from diverse backgrounds in a learning and living environment; and engagement with experienced and caring instructors and support staff who facilitate mastery of a rigorous curriculum.

That is what Ryan Banks Academy is. It is Chicago’s first boarding school and scheduled to open in August of 2017. As educators, social service workers and business associates, we care. We are designing a safe place for competitive learning and thriving. We should all care, and give to these students what so many of us take for granted. Maybe the girl who will develop a cure for cancer needs a learning and living community to nurture her talents. Perhaps students who would ordinarily make poor life-changing decisions that affect us all can be deterred, making our communities better. We all look for ways to make our city and our world a greater place for children. By signing this petition to bring Ryan Banks Academy to Chicago, you will be signing to support the hopes and dreams for students. Will you please sign?

Please support Ryan Banks Academy! By doing so you would be playing a part in positively impacting the lives of children across Chicago.

Thank you.

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