Ending school and public shootings with the 18 Billion dollars Trump wants for his wall

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President Trump wants 18 billion dollars to build an unnecessary wall between to neighboring nations. Lets tell him and his supporters that we( the tax payers) would rather spend that money in making schools, streets, and public spaces safe for all. This money should be use to invest into new legislation, research, and education to prevent mass shootings, to investigate and prosecute white nationalist and whites supremacist organization. This includes individuals who are part of local, state, and federal police agencies, homeland security, government officials in all levels of government, and even people in the military who subscribe to any of these ideas.

Much of this money should be spent in developing curriculum to teach our children the historical experiences of the most oppressed, including First Nations and people of color. Money should be spent in funding mental illness research and services for the ones who need it the most.

Finally we must hold our police agencies in all levels accountable to create a new culture of policing based on mutual respect, cultural sensitivity, and real service with equity for all. This should be real and better than the way it is today. This must happen all  across the nation to prevent unnecessary deaths in the future.

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