Eliminate FCPP and Increase Daycare Funding for Kids with Special Needs in CA

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Families eligible for Regional Center services in the State of CA need increased  daycare funding and elimination of the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP) this year. We need a legislative champion. Please sign our petition and add your own story to encourage our Legislators to take action this year! We've waited long enough. We are asking Governor Newsom to fully restore the Lanterman Act by overturning the FCPP, which continues to harm special needs families, when the State is not even tracking the savings. 

The Great Recession is over, yet families are still only offered 2008 rates for supplemental daycare funding! In Ventura County, considered a high cost-of-living county in CA, the State only allows Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC) to pay $3.33/hour (the lowest "median rate" in CA) for daycare funding for special needs families, while families in LA get $12/hour through North Los Angeles County Regional Center! This must end, along with FCPP.

The goal of the Statewide Rate Survey, conducted by Burns & Assoc., is to come up with a new rate model for services. Their recommendations are under review by DDS and the CA Legislature, yet their process entirely ignored daycare rates - WHY??? Families need help now.

The median rate system needs to end, along with the harmful, antiquated, and unproven Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP) established in 2005. In 2017, our organization sent a public records request to DDS for data regarding cost savings that has been realized through FCPP. They told us "The department is no longer publishing the report due to fiscal constraints; therefore it is no longer produced." This is not a DDS issue - it is a legislative one, as even DDS is not properly-funded to run reports for the legislators.

The FCPP program is an attack on the Lanterman Act's core tenants that regardless of a family's income or ethnic status that their child's needs will be funded across his/her lifespan by the State if they qualify for Regional Center (RC) services - this is not happening. Families who need daycare and respite are required to submit paystubs or tax returns to be inspected by the RC to determine their "share of cost." If they make over a certain threshold, the RC then reduces the family's daycare and respite services under the belief that the family can afford to privately pay for the extra they need - they can't and don't. Additionally, families who refuse to submit the info due to privacy (and even immigration) concerns, are assessed 100%, which means that ALL of their needed daycare and respite care funding are cancelled.

Much work needs to be done by our legislative champions to eliminate the FCPP program, which the State cannot prove continues to be fiscally needed. For anyone who cares to champion this important issue with us, here is the legislative reference the State is out of compliance with:


(n) By April 1, 2005, and annually thereafter, the department shall report to the appropriate fiscal and policy committees of the Legislature on the status of the implementation of the Family Cost Participation Program established under this section. On and after April 1, 2006, the report shall contain all of the following:

(1) The annual total purchase of services savings attributable to the program per regional center.

(2) The annual costs to the department and each regional center to administer the program.

(3) The number of families assessed a cost participation per regional center.

(4) The number of cost participation adjustments granted pursuant to paragraph (5) of subdivision (g) per regional center.

(5) The number of appeals filed pursuant to subdivision (k) and the number of those appeals granted, modified, or denied.


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Sharon M. Francis, CEO
Channel Islands Social Services