Reschedule Jasper Place High Schools graduation

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On April 30th of 2020 Jasper place high school came out with a statement informing parents and students that we would be having a virtual graduation instead of considering rescheduling on a much later date... as there are other schools doing just that. Many students and parents are extremely devastated with this set of information due to the fact that our premier came out with a statement on April 30th 2020 stating that he will be trying his best to create a relaunch program; Our graduation is still possible. With the tier 3 now being set in place there is still a possibility of our graduation happening with safety precautions set in place. Jasper place High school should be making the graduating students of 2020 a priority but instead many students have felt like they have been pushed too the side. We need to consider the fact that graduating students of this year have put in 12+ years of work to be able to walk the stage and retrieve their diplomas. By taking this away it makes students feel like all their hard work that they put in for this moment in their lives has been stripped away from them. This is a major milestone for grade 12s and the fact that we will never be able to experience this once in a life time opportunity is truly saddening. This is just as important to parents as it is for students. This petition was created in hopes to get jasper place high schools attention on rescheduling the grad instead of having a virtual ceremony. Why make concrete decisions at this moment when in 4-5 months we could have had a graduation. Please sign this petition to help encourage jasper place to reconsider their decision and to reschedule our graduation to a later date, thank you!