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If you claim to care about bullying/harassment at schools, please read this and help me take action. This incident occurred at Kate Chegwin Junior High School earlier this week on Tuesday. A boy at my sister's school physically assaulted my sister OUT OF NOWHERE on school grounds by slapping her so hard, that it left a red mark on her cheek. On top of that, my sister revealed that the boys in her class are bullying her by saying nasty things that involve her and a teacher. After bringing this to the school's attention, it was dealt with so poorly and now the issue isn't even about the boy who hit my sister, its about the ADULTS such as Vice Principal Saroya WHO threatened my sister. First we met with Vice Principal Lacey of this school and told him everything, and then after being assured that this is not tolerable on school grounds, we left thinking this will be handled however we found ourselves back at school dealing with the Vice Principal Lacey and this time we noticed they are "investigating" everyone in my sister's life, including my sister herself. The boys involved in this attack are supposedly suspended (for 3 days only, but they won't tell us anything) and for some reason, the school is now making my sister's life hell. After agreeing not to push for expulsion for this for that boy, Vice Principal Saroya, who neither of my parents or I has met, took it upon herself to pull my sister into a private meeting, where she showed ANOTHER minor's photo to my sister saying things like "Why are you friends with such people" and then she was saying things like how the school has the ability to hack into their phones if they don't have the phone, trying to threaten my sister into giving her phone BUT my sister never resisted that and they took her phone, and they didn't even let her stay in the same room. Vice Principal Lacey took her phone and god knows what they did to her phone or what private stuff HE went through. On top of that, nothing regarding the slap or the disgusting things was addressed, in fact, Saroya kept on bringing up minor issues that occurred months ago between my sister and a girl WHICH IS NOW RESOLVED and then threatened to suspend her. Now when we went to discuss this, not a single principal was willing to meet with us or even have a discussion. Principal Holmes himself refused to meet with us. THIS IS WHAT CANADA SCHOOL SYSTEM IS REALLY LIKE. My sister feels unsafe at school because adults who are supposed to be there to help are the ones threatening her and making her feel scared.