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becki pound started this petition to Edmonton public school board transportation department and

We send our children off on the school bus every weekday and usually we have the peace of mind they will be safely driven to and from school.

Cunninham transport has taken over and for anyone who hasn't been informed had been having numerous safety and noncompliance issues since the very first day of school. 

Complaints and reports have been made, yes, however that is not keeping these drivers from repeating these same mistakes.

Just to touch on some issues I'm aware of....

Bus 465 first day of school dropped the children wrong side of street keeping a kindergartener instead of looking for the parent parked where he dropped his child that morning. Driving 10 min towards the next stop and then turning the bus around with children still on it to drive back to this parent. Protocal not followed. Children on bus were 45 min late for their destination and no phone call was made nor was the message put across that the bus was late. Did not follow protocal. 

Ran over a sign in  front of the school....dry pavement September...... that could be your child....not a sign...and what's gonna happen when winter hits. 

Bus 465 Left kindergarten child on bus after dropping other sibling at last stop on route and drove off waving to the parent as she madly ran after the bus to retrieve her child. Protocal was not followed. The bus is to be checked before leaving last stop front to back. 


After report from cunninham on last incident bus driver did not do check again the next day. I'm worried if the drivers cannot follow simple  protocals now how safe r our kids  in a true incident or accident. 

I think I speak for every parent who's child busses to and from Horse hill when I state that the 2 drivers from golden arrow (first student)  from previous years would never cause these types of safety infractions. 

I encourage you to report every small issue and concern you may have in bussing this year to EPSB transportation dept but as well sign this petition to ensure EPSB recognizes  our need for safety and to switch to our previous bus provider (First student)..  Golden Arrow.

Country road awareness, safety,  protocals are important to ALL PARENTS as the importance of them keeps our minds at ease thus we know our children r safe when we wave them off to school. 

Also these (First student) Golden Arrow drivers are like a family to our Horse Hill community. Our children feel safe, comfortable and loved while with them.

We sign this because the upmost safety of our children is at stake with Cunningham transport and we request this change in bus providers

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