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Protect Edmonton Parks

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• The river valley and ravine parks are Edmonton's crown jewel.
• Parks are not a frill but essential infrastructure that promotes citizens' physical and mental well-being and supports biodiversity.
• Green space provides invaluable ecosystem services, which benefit all citizens.
• Edmonton's nature parks are showing increasing signs of neglect.
• Deferring park maintenance is false economy.
• Every day that we fail to live sustainably, we degrade our life-support systems, impoverish ourselves, and imperil future generations.

We call on the City of Edmonton to:
• respect its mandate from citizens;
• follow its own rules and guidelines;
• make decisions based on the best available science;
• protect our river valley and ravine parks;
• reduce Edmonton's footprint to one planet Earth or less.

1. Repair, stabilize, and maintain trails.
2. Address safety hazards now.
3. Repair and update signage.
4. Pick up litter and remove junk from creek beds.
5. Monitor and improve water quality.
       a. Stop storm sewer outflow that pollutes creeks and accelerates erosion.
6. Enhance ecological integrity and improve connectivity.
      a. Remove non-essential installations and facilities in preservation zones.
      b. Restore disturbed areas to nature.
7. Reduce human footprint and stop ongoing degradation.
      a. End beaver cull.
      b. Measure, monitor, and report human impacts.
      c. Issue annual status reports on parks.
8. Allow Edmontonians to enjoy the river valley in peace and quiet.
      a. Promote respect for wildlife and other park users.
      b. Ban noisy watercraft.
9. End urban sprawl, which gobbles up green space.
10. Set definite sustainability targets and timelines—and report on progress.

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