Edmonton Together

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I am not confident in Edmonton City Council's ability to manage the upcoming economic and social burdens of our city. 

I cannot do this alone.  I need your help.

I am proposing the following solutions to provide real and immediate help to our citizens.  Are you with me?

5% Tax Reduction

  • A 5% tax reduction to every resident and business on property taxes.

Tax Forgiveness

  • 2 months of property tax forgiveness for residents and businesses.
  • This is not a deferment.

Rent Relief

  • Many of our residential and commercial tenants are having challenges paying rent right now.
  • Any landlord providing rent relief to their tenants should be given further property tax relief.

Help Our Homeless

  • COVID-19 transmission amongst our city’s homeless is a real challenge.
  • We must provide more temporary shelter in some of Edmonton's larger facilities, where additional physical distancing can be applied.
  • Our city should provide bedding and ensure good access for hygiene in these facilities.

Cancel the West LRT

  • We must save some money within our budget right now.
  • The West LRT project must be cancelled. 

Buy Local

  • The City of Edmonton and all of our departments should be encouraged to purchase locally, provincially, or nationally whenever reasonable.


Mike Nickel
Edmonton City Councillor, Ward 11

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