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Roger Strong started this petition to "Edmonds City Housing Commission (ECHC)"

We are writing you again, this time with the support of our surrounding community, to express our strong opposition to your proposed rezone from single family to multi family zoning status of the identified Westgate Sample Transition Area of the residential cul-de-sac at 99th Avenue West, as well as homes along the north side of 232nd St. SW between 99th Ave. W. and 100th Ave. W. 

About Us:

·       The sample area comprises sixteen homes, with 26 adult residents and approximately 15 children.

·       Our quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac is the perfect place for our children to play, and they often fill up the street with bikes, scooters, chalk art, etc.

·       The residences are well-maintained and part of a vibrant, close-knit, multi-generational community, the epitome of livability. 

·       Residents at three properties have lived here for more than forty, and even fifty years.

·       Half of the residents are younger families - having purchased their properties in the last decade.  These young families hope to enjoy stable property values and use of their homes for years to come.

·       At least a quarter of our residences have undergone significant home and/or landscape improvements in recent years. 

·       The majority of these homes were purchased prior to the housing market skyrocketing, and are a good representation of modest sized housing in the “Missing Middle” that your Commission has discussed wanting to preserve and encourage.

Why We Oppose Rezoning:

·       Location:

o   Our Westgate area does not enjoy some of the features sought by the ECHC in its preferred sample transition areas:

o   We are not on an arterial. We are on a bluff overlooking arterial roads, not actually on an arterial.

o   Land available for growth and expansion is finite and limited. We are on a steep hillside above bluffs to the west and north.

o   Abundant natural resources to protect. This area is home to a large, mature tree canopy and supports a robust wildlife habitat.  Further development of this area would inevitably result in this vital tree canopy being cut down to make room for more buildings.


·       Access:

o   Yes, we are adjacent to transit lines, but they are not easily accessible by walking or biking.

o   The current infrastructure would not safely support increased foot, bicycle and vehicle traffic.

o   Bicycling the 232nd St. SW hill is impossible for most cyclists.

o   Access to our cul-de-sac is via a single entrance off of a steep hill.

o   Pedestrian access to this dead-end street is marginal, with no sidewalks and minimal space for walkers, especially if both car lanes are occupied.  Walking between this neighborhood and commercial areas below is even less suitable for children. 


·       Inconsistent with Surrounding Area:


o   Multi family dwellings are inconsistent with the neighborhoods developed in the general surrounding area.

o   Rezoning our small area would be singling out our parcels of land for a use classification that is totally different from the surrounding area.

o   The surrounding neighborhoods oppose this rezone.


·       Better Alternatives:


o   We believe the ECHC will be able to find other more appropriate areas that are truly adjacent to commercial areas and better able to support the ECHC’s proposed rezone, or better yet, develop within areas already zoned for multifamily use.


In summary, the ECHC has identified our above Westgate neighborhood for a possible rezone from single-family to multi-family housing.  This effort was done without any notification to the entire neighborhood.  We believe the geography, location, and infrastructure of our neighborhood lacks several of the favorable factors that the Commission normally would look for in a suitable candidate for rezone, as outlined above.  We believe better qualified sample transition areas can be found.

We homeowners, and those community members who have signed this petition, unite in unanimously protesting against any change which would zone our properties to any classification other than single family.  We respectfully request that the ECHC remove our Westgate sample transition area from your list of possible sites for a rezone from single-family to multi-family zoning status prior to their submittal of their package of recommendations to the Edmonds City Council in December, 2020.  



For the Westgate Sample Transition Area Homeowners

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