A World Call for Beauty: newspaper editors inform us about the beautiful news of humanity

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"A World Day Call to Beauty- 28th November"

petition initiated by Lida Sherafatmand (painter).


To Newspaper Editors:


As much as it is important that we do not close our eyes to the injustices and cruelties present around the world, it is also important that we do not close our eyes to the beauty and goodness present around the world.

If we believe in our ability to live a better and more humane quality of life, then let's make sure we give a headline, a front page space, to `beauty and goodness` at least one day in a year on mainstream media!

The headlines news and front pages are all dedicated to the most cruel and most excruciatingly painful news. Besides the media, a huge part of the contemporary art scene which rejects all forms of gentleness and beauty, has also been dominating our environment since almost a century now, our walls, our parks, our streets. All this is happening while we are at the same time complaining about war and violence in the world. We complain about lack of gentleness but we want to sell and promote only news and art which express violence and war. We want to generate our money out of war scenes, but then we complain that we have wars in the world. How much are we investing in the alternatives of war? How far are we pushing our intelligence to create out of beauty and gentleness of the heart rather than out of violence? How far are we feeding our hunger for life with sensational news of violent power rather than sensational news of gentle power? 

Today we send out this call, because we think there is too much lack of beauty and good news on the mainstream media, and too much lack of gentleness and serenity in the contemporary art world around us. We call for a renaissance of beauty in art today, because beauty and goodness are also part of human reality. Closing our eyes to beauty and goodness, makes us just as blind as when we close our eyes to cruelties and injustice.

Beauty does not have to be only cosmetic temporary beauty, it can be one of a deeper beauty, that beauty recognized by the heart and seen by the eye, in uplifting heart warming art works, or the actions of people building quality relationships and lives.

We call the mainstream media, so that the 28th of November 2014 will be a World Day Call to Beauty. 

In that way we can witness, just for one day, the first page of the world top newspapers, bringing us some images of profound beauty, rather than images of new acts of terror.

If you do not find immediate good news, then allow our eyes to witness heart-warming art, for one day, rather than art which alienates us from life as much as the cruel news are already doing by instilling fear of a totally unsafe world.



We call again on the mainstream media that the 28th of November 2016 will be a World Call Day to Beauty, where we see the front pages of world newspapers, with news about goodness and beauty of the human heart. If not, front pages can always warm our hearts with beautiful contemporary works of art; beauty is recognizable by our human instinct.