#AmplifyWOC on the Editorial Page

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Dear Editorial Boards & Editorial Page Editors:

Imagine you have five children. Every night, your family gathers around the dinner table. Every night, you ask three of your sons: How was your day, honey? What went well? What was hard? Tell me what you think. Tell me how you feel. I want to know.

Every once in awhile - when it occurs to you - you invite your fourth child, a daughter, to weigh in.

The fifth child though, somehow you never quite make it around to her. If she had something to add worth hearing, surely she’d pipe up…


Women of color make up about 20 percent of the U.S. population, but you’d never know it from reading our country’s editorial pages.

85 percent of the opinions we hear and read in the media comes from men. U.S. editorial boards and editorial columnists are overwhelmingly male and white. The voices of women of color are largely absent.

Our American family deserves more. We can do better.

We call on you, the guardians of the op-ed page, to take measurable steps towards seeking and publishing more opinions from women of color. We call on you to recruit and hire more women of color as full-time editorial columnists and members of your editorial boards.

As readers, we pledge to do our part. We will actively support publications that publicly commit to diversifying their pages. We will seek out and elevate women of color opinion writers. We will encourage women of color we admire - friends, family, colleagues, women we’ve watched from afar, but have never met - to put their thoughts on paper, to submit those thoughts far and wide, to push through rejection and try again.

Give us a chance to hear their stories.



photo credit: looking4poetry, permissions through Creative Commons license.