Tommy Robinson ( SACK Pendlebury )

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On 1st June 2018 a Daily Mail reporter Richard Pendlebury headlined a report on Tommy Robinson with this heading  "Tommy Robinson is no martyr but a racist thug who got what he deserves"

My name is Mohammed Fyaz a Pakistani and former Muslim, a good friend of Tommy Robinson and the author of the book "LETTING LOVE WIN" endorsed by former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey.

I am writing to you the Editor of the Daily Mail with this petition asking for the dismissal of Richard Pendlebury for breaching his editorial code by his deliberate lies and slandering of a Innocent man namely Tommy Robinson. It appears Mr Pendlebury has abused his position by pushing his own narrative and opinions. Furthermore, his report also appears to be tainted by his own political views, rather than a professional independent report without prejudice.

Reporters have a duty to abide by the editorial code of conduct and a responsibility to report fairly and truthfully. When these conditions are breached then the newspaper in question has the moral duty to its readers to investigate any misconduct and take appropriate action where necessary. We the people ask you the Editor of the Daily Mail to investigate this fully and take immediate action. 

In a democracy in which we live, political, religious and moral issues should be allowed to be discussed, questioned and at times challenged freely without fear of persecution or discrimination. This also includes challenging my Pakistani communities on the mass rape of white children across 78 British towns. Men from my Pakistani communities make up 3% of U.K population and yet 80% are responsible for the rapes of white children. This needs to be spoken about on a national level and debated on without the fear of being labeled a far right racist.

We ask that you take the right course of action including a public apology to Mr Tommy Robinson for the alarm and distress this has caused him and his family.

Yours Faithfully

mohammed Fyaz