Anjana Om Kashyap in ICU

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Anjana om kashyap a frustrated, loud and ill- mannered, irresponsible, "so-called journalist" of Aaj tak, barged without permission into the ICU of Muzafferpur Bihar government hospital alongwith her infective "taam-jhaam", violating the icu protocol.

Not only did she hinder the normal working of the overworked doctor, rather she kept bullying the treating doctor and staff for matters like why are there not enough beds for patients, why did the patient on stretcher had to wait a while as the doctor was attending to another critical child of an overloaded cramped icu. These matters are clearly understandably  NOT under a doctor's administration.

A doctor in India already knows that he is not given ifeal working conditions and still he works for patients day and night.

Also she was working to add fuel to fire, by instigating the mob for violence against the present staff especially the poor doctor in case a casualty happened.

Such  irresponsible and TRP-hungry "so called journalists" are a menace to a healthy and civilized society and do no good but misguide people for their personal gains and further deepen the hiatus between doctors and patients. Such reporters are a threat to community as a whole.

I start this petition to reach the editor in chief of Aaj tak to remove Anjana om kashyap with immediate effect from the media houseto safeguard its own reputation and to safeguard the community as a whole, and to examplify other journalists across media houses to resort to responsible journalism only.