Stop the council banning busking and buskers using amps in Edinburgh!

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During the Fringe my band High Fade have been playing 5-9pm on weekends at the Gilded balloon. Along the way we have met some amazing buskers/people and have had a positive impact in the area, creating good relationships with the local tourists and with the local food shacks. Placing a ban on busking in this area (& Edinburgh) will no doubt bring uncertainty to many buskers income, audience and due to the lack of legal spaces to busk, has brought competition, rivalry and unease to the busking community.

We as hard working musicians who rely on busking as an income, feel it is extremely harsh and ignorant of Edinburgh council to punish buskers for using amplification when it is the peak time in the festival and only lasts for the month.

Edinburgh put the Fringe on to cater entertainment to millions of tourists from around the world yet frown upon local musicians for bringing music to the streets. The Fringe is supposed to be a festival and have "Festival Spirit" yet Edinburgh Council are overruling the Fringe' morals and ethics.

Please folks, give musicians the chance to let people listen to music for free. We have brought nothing but happiness, joy, dancing, smiles and laughs to George square the past week and we don't believe that the tourists should miss out on that.

Everyone and anyone should be allowed to busk on public property with amps!!!

Video from us busking (everyone having a good time)