Stop Edinburgh City Council Closing Down Small Local Business

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Three days ago, we received an 'eviction notice' from Edinburgh City Council, in regards to our 'dark kitchen' situated on Albert Street, Edinburgh. This 'dark kitchen' is situated on private land, and does not affect any local businesses or residents, on the grounds that we do not have the relevant planning permission. We had been informed by the same department it was not required two months prior. 

The Council have given us 28 days to move the 5-ton kitchen, and have informed us we must cease trading within this time, otherwise it will be forcefully removed by enforcement agents.

This is incredibly shocking, and we strongly believe the Council are acting against us because they are unable to collect business rates from our property. If we are evicted, we will undoubtedly go bust. We will not only lose our business, but also our lives' dreams and aspirations. Our team will no longer have a job in these difficult times. To run a successful burger brand was our goal, and Edinburgh City Council clearly do not echo the sentiment, but instead are orientated only by income. 

We wish to stay on this private land and be granted an extension on eviction time to gather the necessary funds for legal representation. This is in order to fight our cause whilst still being able to trade. This petition is a show of strength, showing those who would be negatively impacted. 

We are two young guys, looking to make our way in the world and make our impact on the food market in Edinburgh. To be given this impactful news by the tyrannic Council is heartbreaking.

Any number of signatures could hugely impact this cause - it takes two seconds. Please. Sign it. Share it. Help us out, and we will continue to serve the Edinburgh takeaway food market with some of the best burgers you have ever tried.