Rename Robert E. Lee Elementary in Edinburg, TX

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Robert E. Lee elementary was built in 1957 at a time when the Civil Rights movement was in full swing. Segregationists throughout our nation, especially in the South, pushed back by commemorating Confederate leaders. Without a doubt, our Robert E. Lee elementary is part of this disgraceful history.

Besides being the commander for the Confederate Army, Robert E. Lee was a vicious slave owner. His legacy is only one of hate. He does not deserve to be idolized. Edinburg and the Rio Grande Valley at large can not stand idly by as the commemoration of a white supremacist goes unchecked.

We must do what we can to leave this stain as history and stand with minority communities in our city.

That is why we are demanding Robert E. Lee elementary be renamed immediately.

We must remind the city of the larger conversation happening nationally and the changes we’ve seen to confederate named schools even here in Texas. This is the time for change.