The city of Edina is planning a massive development over HWY 100. Here's why you should be concerned.

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  • Expensive planning underway for Grandview Green - $100MM project to cover Highway 100, 1.7 million square feet of commercial development, underground parking for 1,300 cars.
  • 50th & France – worst intersection in Edina at rush hour – no city plan to address this problem.
  • City plans to dramatically increase apartment development in North Edina. First phases already underway.

Our petition objective:

A group of neighbors is organizing to seek a better understanding of Edina’s future development plans that might impact the North Edina neighborhoods. The following is a letter that we intend to send to the head of Planning & Development, the City Council and Mayor.

As we all know, 50th & France is a challenging intersection, particularly around 5-6pm. For almost 3 years, the city has been funding feasibility on the Grandview Green project that includes the addition of almost 2 million square feet of commercial development, and underground parking for 1,300 cars. This will clearly push more traffic down the 50th Street corridor.

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Grandview Green Project Overview

"Plans have consequences"

To our city leaders,

The signers of this petition are residents of Edina neighborhoods who are interested in getting more information about the city’s intentions for the Grandview Green project, as well as other development projects at 50th & France, and the 44th/Sunnyside & France intersections.

A number of years ago, the Country Club neighbors were pitted against one another over traffic calming measures due to the failure of 50th & France to handle cut-through traffic.

The result of that expensive and unfortunate conflict was a neighbor mandate against the city’s plan for speed bumps and roundabouts. It cost the city a great deal of wasted planning and communication time and funds.

Another result was the city’s formal resolution to work with Minneapolis to improve congestion at 50th & France. To date, the city has failed to honor that commitment. Eastbound 50th & France is arguably the worst intersection in our city at 5:00pm. It seems the city’s plans ignore its own resolve to make 50th & France a functioning intersection, which will negatively impact the residents of Northeast Edina.

Grandview Green and the other Edina intersection projects are major initiatives that need resident input. The city’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan calls for this input – “A strong and healthy community grows and evolves in response to its citizens’ needs and wants.” 

Before a fully developed and expensive plan is prepared that might meet stiff resident opposition, why not undertake a public education and awareness campaign followed by a survey of the affected residents? If there’s a mandate for the changes then, and only then, continue to deploy city planning resources.

The changes we are reading about in the city’s materials are, quite frankly, concerning. Almost without exception, our fellow neighbors are as surprised and concerned about the scope of development and its likely impact on our quiet enjoyment of the neighborhood.

We propose that your department and the city manager meet with a group of Edina neighbors to discuss a broader education effort and subsequent survey.

Respectfully submitted,

Concerned Residents