Save our Neighborhood from Corporate Greed!

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My name is Robert Strayton, I represent a group of neighbors and concerned citizens fighting against corporate greed and billionaire investment bankers. We are fighting for our homes, our neighborhood, our community and our way of life.

We need your help now!  The town has agreed to an "expedited hearing process" in an effort to ram this through without proper public comment.  We need your signatures NOW!

AT&T wants to build a 117-foot cell tower in the midst of our least affluent neighborhood on Martha's Vineyard for the benefit of one member of its Board of Directors. The tower would be sited at 14 Sampson Ave, Edgartown, MA 02539. Look at the satellite map of that site and of Chappy and you can see for yourself that better, more compliant sites exist.

The photos contained here are of a 104-foot “temporary” tower erected in the same location in May 2016. AT&T now wants to build a substantially larger, far more intrusive cell tower on the same site. The temporary tower is clearly visible in the satellite imagery.

The proposed tower would sited in the front yard of my neighbors 1/2 acre lot and would be within 125 feet of 3 neighboring homes. It would be within 178 feet of my home and within 500 feet of over 23 homes.

We have argued that this is a totally inappropriate location to site a cell tower on a small island that is primarily wooded, and unpopulated.

In fact, AT&T has 2 other leases signed at alternative sites that are more compliant with the laws, provide better coverage to more of the island and move the tower away from the majority of people and homes.

One alternative site is a wooded, 4.34 acre parcel, surrounded by over 65.5 acres of town-owned woods. It abuts the site AT&T said in 2011 was the best place on the entire island to site a cell tower.

Perhaps most importantly, there is only 1 home within 500’ of a tower there (buffered by a wooded hill), and just one additional home within 800’ of the proposed site. The owners of those homes have written letters, and testified in public hearings as being in support of a cell tower on Chappy.

This is the wrong site and we need your help, please?

There is more information below that details the 3 year fight we have been waging, but the town is now trying to ram this through.

My neighbors and I have appealed to our town government, to our state representative and to our state senator.

In spite of their claims that “they are fighting for the little guys, against the huge corporations and billionaires,” appeals to Senator Markey and Senator Warren and to Congressman Keating have gone not just unanswered, but unacknowledged.

None are willing to help us, so we are asking you, to please help us save our homes, our neighborhood, our life savings, our way of life, and this beautiful island for the generations to come.

AT&T and the Town of Edgartown know this least affluent neighborhood is least able to incur the massive legal bills to fight AT&T and chose this site specifically for that reason. There is no technical reason to site the tower here. None! They know it will be more difficult for us to mount a legal challenge to this reckless and irresponsible public governance.

Most recently, a vote was held by the Edgartown Planning Board. The vote failed, and the tower should have been denied, but the town intentionally allowed an ineligible member to vote to create a “procedural crisis,” and will now allow AT&T to bring the application back before a reconstituted and more sympathetic board.

If this all smells rotten to you, it should. It was blatant undermining of a legal hearing process for the sole purpose of allowing AT&T another chance to apply for the same tower, in the same location.

We need you to help us tell the Town of Edgartown this is wrong, and to demand the tower be placed on one of the alternative sites that is more compliant with the bylaws, less impactful on the community, provides adequate fall zones, preserves everyone’s right to quiet enjoyment of their homes, preserves these least affluent people’s life savings.  We need you to tell the Town of Edgartown to do what it is legally, morally and ethically required to do.

Please help us save our homes, our life savings, our children and our future from the big corporations and the greedy billionaires.

Thank you,
Robert Strayton
& The Enos Ave Road Association

Chappaquiddick Island is perhaps best known as the location of Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s accident that claimed the life of Mary Jo Kopechne.

But Chappaquiddick is much more than that. Situated off the Massachusetts coast Chappaquiddick, or Chappy, as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled landscapes in all of the United States.

•  The island is roughly 6 square miles, comprised of woods and fields and miles of unspoiled coastline. Over 40% of the Island is conservation land.

•  There are simply better, safer locations that provide better coverage to more people and therefore provide greater public safety benefits to more people while minimizing the impacts of this tower.

•  The proposed design would have up to 63 radiation centers emitting over 70,000 Watts of radiation bombarding every living thing 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year for the next 30, 40, 50, or more, years.

•  The proposed tower would be 44’ off the single lane dirt road, one of only two roads into this largest, and most densely populated neighborhood on the island

•  The tower would be within 130’ of 4 homes. Industry standard fall zones are 110 - 300% of the maximum height of the tower

•  The proposed site covers less than 78% of the island and fails to cover the perimeter of the island where the majority of people live.

•  AT&T has leases signed, on file with the Dukes County registrar of Deeds for 2 alternative sites in the woods away from peoples homes.

•  In addition to the dangers of radiation exposure, this small closely-packed neighborhood would be subjected to the noise of 2 air conditioning systems running day and night.

•  Would be subjected to the weekly “exercise” of the back-up generator.

•  Would be subjected to the noise, and traffic of ongoing construction, maintenance, repairs, upgrades and “optimization.”

•  The property values of the surrounding homes would be greatly diminished as a result of a cell tower in such close proximity.

•  In this working-class neighborhood, these homes represent the majority of people’s life savings.

•  In an earlier lawsuit, AT&T provided internal emails proving beyond any doubt this cell tower is for the personal benefit of one of its board members, a billionaire investment banker, who doesn’t even live on Chappy but lives across the harbor in Edgartown where he has a summer home he visits one month per year.

•  These emails are available for your inspection.

•  For more information see the Town of Edgartown website, Chappy Cell Tower page ( ) and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, DRI - 662-M, Chappy Cell Tower ( ) for more information on the innumerable arguments made in opposition and to see the lies, half-truths, and seriously flawed, even corrupt decision-making that has characterized this process.

Please, help us to preserve our homes, our neighborhood, our futures, our health and well being and that of our children from the greed of AT&T and its billionaire board member.

Thank you!

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