Get Edexcel to make another C4 test and get a retake this year or lowering of boundaries.

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This year the A level maths Exam core 4 (C4) got leaked (the picture), same happened last year with no consequences, with a lot of people getting the paper before the exam and were able to obtain answers. Putting the rest of us at a disadvantage. Edexcel have released a statement from which one can infer that little to no action will be taken, and the only result I see is that the grade boundaries will go way higher and make it harder to obtain good results.

After getting messages from friends and online I have decided to add an option of lowering the grade boundaries, not the usual 1 or 2 mark reduction but a massive reduction such as 15-19 marks as this would help the non cheaters and give a fairer result.

To all the signers and supporters please share the this petition around to make sure Edexcel notices and acts appropriately