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Edena Farah Beaten by Nassau Police


She was bitten and beaten by 6 police officers  in downtown Nassau, while conducting a Segway tour with tourists; a job she loved very much.  After putting 7 bogus charges on her and after going through a 2 year trial, the judge found her guilty and sentenced her to 1 year in prison!!

This is INJUSTICE at its PEAK!   If it happened to HER!  It can happen to YOU!

Read the following articles below as well as view the youtube video link to learn more about her story. 


Youtube Edena Farah Beating


The Court of Appeal will hear her case in April 2013. Please show her and us your support by signing this petition.

Thank You!

Letter to
Amnesty International
Good Day All,

Most of you are aware of what has been happening with my friend Dena, as it relates to the whole police brutality, wrongful conviction and sentencing. We think that it is very unfortunate that she had to endure three days in prison after she was the one beaten, bitten, and humiliated by police officers, while on her job. As her friends and family, we are trying to advocate on her behalf, so that justice will be done! Her case is now in the Court of Appeal, and we are trying to ensure that the powers-that-be give her a fair trial.

As I think more and more about this case, I realize that this could have been me! It could have been YOU, or one of your children! Their word against police officers who sometimes think that they are above the law!

We are asking that you partner with us in this endeavour and show your support by signing this petition.

Thank you again for your support and attention.

Have a blessed day!

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