Decision Maker Response

Steve Belote’s response

Steve Belote
Preacher Hallelujah Trail Cowboy Church

Oct 1, 2012 — I would like to address all those messages and threats we received this weekend. To begin with the language and the threats will not be tolerated the will be turned in to the proper authorities. Harassing and closed minded people need to listen closely. And so called Christians that said Mary rode a Burro, you have been watching too much TV and not enough Bible reading, scripture says they trav
eled, not rode a donkey. We are a Cowboy Church and as being such we have an arena ministry outreach, this consist of Western culture events that saved and unsaved people can come and enjoy and when they do come we have a short devotional and prayer time before and during each event. Cattle cost have skyrocketed so we were discussing rescuing some burros to help with this ministry. Not just for roping but sorting and team penning which doesn't use any ropes at all, and maybe other events that would not harm these animals. We take care of all our animals in every event. This picture that was posted on the wall of your petition is disturbing and makes it appear we are responsible for that. Accidents occur, but that is what they are accidents. I received 2 phone calls 1 from a nice lady in Colorado and explained to her the precautions we are taking to insure the well fare of all animals we use. And another call from a very rude young lady. Most of the comments have been ugly and mean. This is not our intention so we are not gonna use the burros instead thethettperson we were gonna acquire them from may take them to Mexico to be sold. Most of you'll know what happens to them down there. Instead of jumping the gun and accusing, it might be a good idea to investigate a little more thoroughly before the dogs are sent out to bite. Like I said earlier anymore harassing or bad language will not be tolerated. I Pray that God has opened some of your eyes and maybe these animals can be used for something. I haven't noticed a lot of pack trains of burros around lately.
God Bless you all.