Sustainable Salmon Fishing

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Sustainable salmon fishing provides humans with an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. Methods such as reef nets and trolling allow the salmon to be caught sustainably and do not hurt the environment. Fishermen catch the salmon with minimal bycatch. This does not muddle the other sea creatures life cycles. This allows the ecosystem to continue existing without being discombobulated. Harming the environment is a big concern to everyone and should be highlighted when fishing for salmon. It allows the salmon to be caught sustainability, while not harming any other sea creatures or the environment. On the other hand, if people don’t fish sustainably then it will create problems such as bycatch, habitat destruction, and eventually the fish species will become extinct. However, if fishermen catch the salmon in a sustainable way, than society can continue to enjoy delicious and fresh fish for generations. Sustainable salmon fishing is the way for the future.


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