Referendum for Eden to have an Elected Mayor

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Petition calling for a referendum for Eden to have an Elected Mayor under The Local Government Act 2000 updated 2011.
An elected mayor to replace the role of Leader of Eden Council & the Role of Chief Executive. Delivering combined savings to the Council operating with a cabinet and Elected mayor.

An elected mayor and cabinet would result in the ability for Eden council to remove the posts of Leader & Chief Executive with combined savings given the current advertised post of Chief Executive at £115,000 per year.
The outgoing Chief Executive having worked on average only 2.5 days per week for Eden Council.

By combining as other councils have done the role of Leader and Chief Executive with a Directly elected and accountable Mayor this will give greater accountability to the people of Eden and deliver savings for the council and Council tax payers in the district.

This Petition is calling for Eden Council to hold a referendum open to all registered voters in the Eden Council area to be free to vote Yes or No to the Council having an elected Mayor to lead the council replacing the role of Council Leader & Chief Executive with the role of Elected Mayor accountable directly to the voters.

In order to call a referendum for a directly elected Mayor, a petition must be compiled which is signed by 5% of the number of local government electors for the Eden area.

The number which has been published by Eden Council for the purpose of a Mayor petition is: 2113 accounting for 5% of the registered local government electors

So we need 2113 or more registered voters to sign the petition to call for the referendum this will ensure that a referendum takes place without and Council approval required.

Let's #REBOOT #DEMOCRACY in #Eden!
Let's stand together and start Putting Cumbria First.