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Reinstate Blindfold Games ability to submit new games & update old ones

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The world is designed for those who fit certain norms. It's expected people will have their senses intact, be able to use their limbs, speak the most commonly used languages, etc. Those who do not meet these criteria are often given fewer opportunities and are generally vastly underserved. Marty Schultz of KidFriendly Software has been told that he either must merge his games into several apps as opposed to keeping them as individual games, or he will not be allowed to submit new games or update existing ones. Mr. Schultz feels that the task of recoding the games is an effort that would cost him hundreds of hours of time with no return on that investment, and that it would result in an interface that would prove confusing to sight-impaired users.

We feel that Apple has not taken the needs of special populations into consideration when making this rule or decisions based thereon. We would ask that Apple consider the needs of special populations when applying this rule, to determine what adverse effects, if any, it might have on such populations being further denied opportunities. Specifically, we'd ask that Mr. Schultz be allowed to continue to submit new games for his blindfold series, and that he also be allowed to update existing ones. The seriously sight-impaired is a relatively small percentage of the population as a whole, many of whom have limited income. No developer of apps for those with limited vision is going to get really wealthy. Most do this as a labor of love, and perhaps get a few coins thrown their way. To apply these sorts of rules will only drive Mr. Schultz and other similarly-situated developers away, and deny underserved populations even more opportunities.

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