Stopping Police Brutality Through Body Cameras

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Recently in our country, we have seen an increase in police brutality. People are afraid because police are harming civilians due to their poor judgment and racial profiling. Police officers are getting away with harming civilians because of the lack of evidence.

In order to decrease police brutality, we propose that police officers in Illinois be required to wear body cameras on duty so they can be held accountable for their actions. Body cameras are exactly what they sound like, they are cameras that you can attach to your chest and record your surroundings. Having this, we can see what officers are doing during their time on duty. According to Journalist's Resource Police Officers wearing body cameras would make them think about their actions more because they would know that the footage could be reviewed by their superiors and possibly the public.

In conclusion, if Police Officers wore body cameras they would be more cautious for their actions. 


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