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Hey guys Huangover with another blog post here this time ripping apart "meet the prefects 3" which features Eddie Chua. I am sad to say that the HAHS prefects falsely present eddie in a positive light. Of course, me being the truth seeker it is my job and duty to tell everyone how the facts in eddie's meet the prefect thing is wrong. firstyl i would like to say how he is actually not chinese but he is taiwanese. this can actually be proven by bringing a pure blooded chinese like me. Through this method you can make all the taiwanese cower in fear just like back in 1949 when we true chinese made them run away with their tails between their end to taiwan (taiwan is still part of china though this is just to classify each other). Also in the 3 quick facts he claims that he is indescisve and he doesnt mind anything but that isnt true because when i proposed to him habout creating an otakus unite club for fellow anime watchers he said no to it. That is making a descision meaning that e is lying to us all because he is not indecisve. This brings me to my next point about how eddie doesnt want to make an otakus unite club for fellow otakus which pains me because us fellow avid anime watchers dont have a safe space and it makes me very sad please sad react. Therefore from all of this i can conclude that eddie is bad prefect open ur eyes people im a TRUTH TELLER. I am basically the jesus of facebook because i only spit out the truth so like and react this post if u want to see more content like this buy my merch and peace out my dudes and also unfriend eddie because he doesnt want to make an otakus unite club.Thanks for tuning in for my rant and i hopeu guys will want to see more thank you and havea nice day my dudes. also type euck fddie if you hate eddie after reading this.

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