Request the House vote immediately on HR 669: restrict Presidential nuclear first strikes

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HR 669 would place restrictions on the President of the United States in her or his usage of the United States' nuclear arsenal in a first strike, non-retaliatory action, placing approval of such a decision to the vote of congress as outlined.

With the growing political turmoil and heightening fears of military engagements, both domestic and abroad, American citizens deserve assurance that the elected legislative branch representing the united States and districts of American voters have authority that is resilient to possible erratic, unreliable, or insecure actions as a result of medical, psychological, or other unforeseen circumstance that would render the decision by the President of the United States to be not of sound mind, while leaving in place the capability for a quick and decisive response free from government bureaucracy in the event of a foreign nuclear attack.

Support of this petition will show the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee the demand American citizens have in safeguarding a secure and prosperous future free from impulsive and uninformed catastrophic decisions.

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