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Tighten laws for convicted paedophiles to protect the victim

When my daughter Demi was 13 years old she was sexually abused by our neighbour who she used to babysit for. She loved his kids and never took money for babysitting so when he started buying her gifts she thought he was just trying to say thank you. He was actually grooming her like many paedophiles do before moving on to abuse their victim. One day she found the courage to tell a teacher and he was eventually arrested and jailed for two and a half years. 

In 2012 after serving half his sentence, Demi’s attacker was banned from our home town of Bridlington for one year. However, this restriction ended in February last year and he promptly moved back to Bridlington, across the road from our family.

Our family has had to endure a living hell because of this man. I am terrified of seeing him living so close to my children. His presence has dragged up years of trauma that Demi has tried to overcome. According to the law, there is nothing we can do to ensure that Demi’s attacker stays away from my family - he is free to live as close as he chooses. It can’t be right to expect a victim to live across the street from the man who sexually abused her.

Because of this Demi has been forced to move away. I miss Demi every single day. She's missing out on her siblings growing up. It’s not fair that this man is able to tear my family apart and the law can do nothing to protect us. 

We’re calling on the rules governing the release of convicted paedophiles to be tightened so that a victim doesn’t have to uproot their lives and run away, leaving their friends and family behind. 

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