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Debate to get an equal representation of women in politics

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Fifty one percent of the world’s population are female. But only twenty four percent are represented in Parliament and there has only been one female political leader in the UK, in one of the most free and liberal societies.  Surely, you would agree that this is not right. Aren’t our politicians supposed to represent the people? Well, who is being represented when only one woman has made it to the top?

As a seventeen year old, I believe women issues are not inferior or superior to men, they are just different. And this needs to be represented in parliament. So I urge you to sign my petition today. Together we can get more women in politics and change our political system for good. It’s one thing talking about it, as we have been. But it’s another thing to actually act upon it.  

Women in politics is important because it conveys confidence, and a breath of vision that can capture the imaginations of future generations. It allows young girls to dream that they too can play a pivotal role. It can inspire an optimism which will positively end gender inequality within our society. A change that cannot be measured without the luxury of hindsight.

Politics matters, and we need to address this by making political equality, a reality.

Please sign up to this petition to make a difference.

Listen to my TEDtalk on TEDxCroydon where I explain fully why you should sign up to this petition.


Thank you. 



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