change the hague convention towards child abduction and custody act 1985. Namely article 13 definitions of grave endangerment, and protective measures.

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I am British citizan living in cyprus, married to a cypriot, with 4 young children. Harry is 8, Josph is 6,. Alexander is 3 with special needs and Effie is 2. 

My husband has abused my mental state for years but i was tollerant of it,he was never really home alot and genrally i was alone with the children so  for the sake of the children,i tollerated it. However he started to become more and more physical with his abuse, witnessed effects to my eldest son Harry, who also was on a recieving end of a punch or 2 from his father.On the 7th November 2014 my husband brutally attacked me in our home while our 4 children were upstairs. I escaped and ran to my husbands family who stopped my husband from further attack, but they did not call the police or the dr to help aid or assist me.

My father has terminal cancer, due to the severity of his sickness I managed to persuade my husband to let me and the children leave cyprus to go and see him. My saving grace. My husband paid for the one way ticket, he drove us to the airport and spoke to the customs and passport controllers to let them know it was with his consent i was leaving the counrty.

I arrived on the 21st December 2014. I fled for my own and for my childrens safety, not only physical safety but mental and emotional safety too.

on the 23rd January 2015 my husband reported me for child abduction using the Hague Convetion Act.

19th Febuary 2015 I was in the Royal Court of Justice.

I will return to court on the 20th and 21st April 2015. To determine whether our 4 children should return without me to Cyprus!

The Hague does not insist that I as their mother return to the habitual residence only that the children will. I as a mother had my childrens best interest in heart when i fled from our home in Cyprus in fear of our lives, my life, the hague convention forces mothers in abusive relationships to return to the place they escaped from. Many barely escaping with their life, and please lets not forget those so less fortunate, who die in and at the hands of the abuser.

The System is failing! The Pontious Pilate attitude of washing our hands of the issue and passing it to someone else to deal with is failing me! and my Human rights!

This has to change!!!! The English court will determine my chidrens and ultimately my fate in April. I will be forced to return to an abusive home and husband as I have no job in Cyprus, no home, My husband has all the money he owns the house. I will have no support. My whole family live here in England, my children a half English with British passports!!! How is it possible that sending them back to  this enviroment is the best thing for those children? And to even consider sending them back without their mother. 


Thank you for listening.