Be Anne Hickings' Voice and Help Us Move Anne to a Care Home in Her Home Village.

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Anne Hicking born 12th February 1947 is a daughter, mother, grandmother sister, aunty, and wife who did everything to care for her family and others. A woman who gave, to never receive. Asked very little from life, and lived for her family. A husband, 3 children and 2 grandchildren one of which Anne cared for full time up to the age of him being 12 years old. Then, sadly Anne suffered a major heart attack at the early age of 52. After being oxygen deprived for over 16 minutes we prayed for her to wake up. The doctors were convinced she wouldn't make it but the strength of her family gave her the will to live and the miracle happened. Anne woke up. Although brain damaged Anne was still able to walk for herself, feed herself and had a great deal of mental capacity. She was lucky, and we were lucky to still have her.

'Normal' life eventually evolved as Anne was looked after in her own home by her husband and supported fully by her 2 daughters Tina and Jacky over the next 13 years. She saw the birth of another 5 of her grandchildren and even became a great grandmother too! Sadly, over this period Anne's mental capacity slowly declined as dementia began to take over. 

With Anne's needs ever increasing it was decided that external carers should assist Barry as he still wished for Annes care to be continued at their home. Little did we know that one of the carers Debbie would quickly be involved in an affair with Anne's husband Barry, whilst Anne was still being cared for in the marital home. As the affair continued Anne's welfare at her home became a concern and Anne was swiftly moved into a residential care home 22 miles away from her family in Doncaster.

Anne is now perminently wheelchair bound, incontinent and on a purified soft diet and needs full support with everyday living. Anne is a very unusual case as she still recognises who her family are and where her home really is. Anne receives a short 1 hour weekly visit from her husband  Barry.  Barry and Debbie still continue to live in the marital home. 

We, her daughters and grandchildren are fighting to move Anne back to a care home in Woodlands in  Doncaster so she can have numerous daily visits from the people that love and care about her.  This cannot currently be actioned as Barry does not wish to allow Anne to be cared for in her home village of Woodlands, as this conflicts his interests.  Because of the law of marriage Barry is legally allowed to have the final say as to where Anne lives. Anne still to this day is unaware of Barry's betrayal and would be destroyed if she knew he truth. 

Sign this petition to allow the law to overrule Barrys actions, and move Anne to a care home closer to her family and allow her to be treated the way she deserves to be. Although this is a short insight to Anne's life we hope you understand enough to support us on this journey. 

Please do this for Anne, please do this for us. You can help be her voice and improve her quality of life.

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