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Ed Miliband and the Labour Party: Pledge to do some simple things—and we'll pledge to vote for you.

The Labour Party and its leadership need to know what people—as opposed to media barons and pressure groups—would like them to do if they gain power. They are the only effective opposition in the UK, but are not standing strong for simple socialist values.

Dear Ed and co,

We pledge to vote Labour in the next General Election, if you make firm commitments to:

* Repeal all privatisation of the NHS
* Scrap the unfair bedroom tax
* Scrap workfare and end the persecution of those on benefits
* Take the railways back into public ownership as contracts expire
* Introduce a private rents cap and build social housing
* Stop tax-breaks for fracking and support renewable energy
* Sort out the tax system overall, make it progressive and then collect it properly.

If you don't feel able to promise these things, then we can't promise to vote for you.

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    Ed Miliband

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