0 tolerance for political virus!

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As you all can see in the picture, Ale House pub in downtown London, Ontario has a sign that used the phrase "China Virus",one of student who comes from China told them to remove the sign, but they said: Chinese are not welcome, you must get out o f the restaurant”.

As we live in a culturally diverse community, we have laws to prevent such disgusting racial discrimination behaviors, and the behavior of bar owner Alex Petro should not go unnoticed. We need to sign this petition to make more people aware of these racial backed hate crimes from happening in our own communities.

RCMP spokesperson CPL. Caroline Duval encouraged people to report racist or hate motivated incidents to help police investigate into these matters and prevent these incidents from happening in the future. Asian communities account for over 2 million of the total population in Canada. We need to stand together, get people to sign the petition, and put an end to this racial injustice.