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Protest the Stallion Springs CSD WATER rate hikes

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Although several residents had submitted written protests on water rate hikes, the CSD moved forward with the decision to increase water rates substantially stating that "not enough protests were filed."  This decision has tripled most, if not all residents water bills, and will continue to rise 5 more times at a 3.5% rate over the next 5 years.  For some people, that could mean a $1,000+ water bill.  Prop 218 states that water rates should be FAIR and equitable, the rate of the Stallion Springs residents increase is not. A 43% increase is going to be hard for many on limited or fixed incomes to afford. I'm also wondering how the owners of vacant lots received their protests, because these water rates wouldn't affect them unless they build on that property. The water study published by SSCSD mentions a 3.5% was recommended but then that's not what's on the table... That would have been a .09 cent increase.  Water is a necessary utility for everyone to have, and the SSCSD has completely overstepped their boundaries on this.  They have sent notices of willful negligence admitting they have not kept current with California regulations on testing the water, and that our water very may well be contaminated...  Notices were published on May 31st, 2017.  They don't know if it's contaminated!  We the residents want a reasonable resolution to this mess, because counting empty parcels in the original protest absolutely was not going to land a vote in the favor of residents who actually reside in Stallion Springs Tehachapi, REGARDLESS OF how many protest forms they received. Folks who's bills were once $200, are now paying $500+, and as a reminder, this is set to increase 5x at 3.5% over the next 5 years as implemented by the CSD's water rate hike. Instead of paying a $17 service fee, it's now $40, And for some $60 depending on what size pipeing they have on their meters, or homes.  Please help support the residents of Stallion Springs Tehachapi fight the board members questionable decisions.  They're claiming it's for "replacement of existing tanks, pumps, water mains, service, meters, and water wells. These renewals and replacements are best funded on a pay as you go basis." Yet, there were so many other avenues or options that could have been discussed...  They jumped right to this one, one that costs residents the most money.   Use less water, but pay more for it, doesn't seem fair.

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