Stop the closure of orthopaedic services and surgery at Ipswich Hospital!

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Stop the closure of orthopaedics services and surgery at Ipswich Hospital!

No more downsizing of Ipswich Hospital or its core services.

No more downgrading Ipswich as a regional authority or centre!

Conservative MP for the town Tom Hunt and Labour leader of Ipswich Borough Council David Ellesmere have stated: 

"The proposals would put Ipswich Hospital in the highly unusual position of being a general hospital which doesn’t provide elective orthopaedic surgery. Based on figures from 2018, Ipswich Hospital serves around 390,000 people and we aren’t aware of any other general hospital of a similar size in the East of England which doesn’t offer a full complement of orthopaedic services” says:

"Another painful example of how the downgrading of Ipswich as an authority and place diminishes all Suffolk".

We the undersigned agree.