Neighbors Against 4245 Rea Rd Rezoning #2020-043

Neighbors Against 4245 Rea Rd Rezoning #2020-043

March 4, 2020
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Charlotte City Council - District 7 Ed Driggs and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

This is a petition against the proposed rezoning of 2.9 acres located at Southern Styles Nursery (4245 Rea Rd, Charlotte NC 28226) into a commercial Self-storage facility.  The surrounding neighborhoods oppose this proposed 100,000 square foot, 3 story mini-warehouse facility as it would be out of place in this largely residential community on a minor thoroughfare. 

It would create an influx of moving and storage trucks on already busy roads across from Olde Providence Elementary.

The developer, Fourstore is being represented by Brittany N. Lins, Attorney at Alexander Ricks PLLC. 704-200-2637 and

A virtual informal Community Meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 8th at 2:00 PM - hosted by Brittany Lins, Attorney.  Email Brittany to obtain the link to register and attend this meeting.  It is critical that we come out with strong opposition early.

Another virtual "Official Community Meeting" will be scheduled prior to the June 15th public hearing.  Stay tuned for information on the date/time.

The City Council public hearing is scheduled for June 15.  If you oppose this re-zoning, please try to attend as well.  

The land is currently zoned B-1 Conditional (neighborhood business). Zoning will have to change to accommodate a self-storage facility.  

Our city council reps on this issue are Ed Driggs (; 704-432-7077) and Julie Eiselt (; 704-336-4099). If you are opposed, be vocal. Send them an email!

Let's work together as a community and show our local elected officials that this proposed commercial building does not fit in this residential area and is not in the best interests of its constituents.  

Rezoning Petition # 2020-043

Current Property Owner - Southern Styles Nursery & Garden Center Company 

Tax Parcel # - 211-593-15

Purchasing Company: Budget Development Partners -- the Toronto-based subsidiary of Budget Development Partners, which has developed, operated and owned more than 80 self-storage facilities in North America since 1983, and 25 properties in Ontario over the past 15 years.

Petitioner - Fourstore, LLC

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Support now
Signatures: 2,847Next Goal: 5,000
Support now
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Decision Makers

  • Ed DriggsCharlotte City Council - District 7
  • John KinleyProject Manager