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Petitioning Johnston County Superintendent Ed Croom

Ed Croom- Superintendent of JCS: Demand that the Johnston County schools in North Carolina call trans* students by their preferred name.

Trans* students in the Johnston County School System of North Carolina face immense pain and ridicule day by day due to their teachers refusing to call them by their preffered names and/or pronouns. This is not only wrong, but incredibly corrosive to the youth of Garner, NC. Teachers as well as students participate in this act of discrimination- Which, although not yet illegal, is still very wrong. 

This is incredibly important in this day and age, as trans* youth with unsupportive family/teachers/friends have up to a 55% suicide attempt rate. This is not a problem when people who seem to identify within the gender binary and/or identify with their assigned sex. Teachers are notorious for giving their students nicknames, so why won't they do it for students who need it?

There is no reason for this and it is 100% unnacceptable. The rights of humans- ALL humans- is something that is neccesary to all living beings. To be prejuidiced and hateful in a situation like this is discriminatory, and it goes to show just how prejuidiced the school system in Johnston County is. Please sign this petition to help right this wrong. 

Letter to
Johnston County Superintendent Ed Croom
We demand that the Johnston County schools in North Carolina call trans* students by their preferred name. To do otherwise is detrimental to the health of this generation, as well as horrible for the individuals forced to face institutionalized bullying every day.
If you have seen the statistics for suicide of trans* youth, then you know- this is one of the worst things you can do to a person. Discrimination against sex, race, and disability are illegal, but this does not mean that discrimination against gender identity or sexual preference isn't wrong.
People have been kicked out of their homes and abused for so long, yet it continues to happen. Part of the reasoning behind this is that children are taught, evidently from a young age, that being different is wrong.
What we're asking you isn't that hard to get, really.
We're asking for equality and justice, and we're demanding the right to be called by preferred names in the school system of Johnston county.
It is very common for teachers to call students by nicknames or middle names- but when students ask to be called their preferred name that fits with the opposite sex of the child, then they get shot down.
("The administration told me to call you _____, even if you asked for _____, because you are a[insert sex of the child]")
Middle school and high school are already stressful and trying times for children, so why even bother making it harder? As people who are supposed to be helping children flourish, this is a step in the wrong direction.
We are demanding, now, that you allow children to be called by their preferred names, so long as they are not derogatory or offensive.

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