Make Reiko,Havik and Shujinko playable characters on MORTAL KOMBAT 11!!!!

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Hello Mr Ed Boon! How are you?

As a fan of Mortal Kombat Games,me and many other players who like Reiko,Havik and Shujinko are desesperate like me to see them coming back on MORTAL KOMBAT 11!

If you can bring us back classic characters like: Baraka,ermac and nightwolf making travels on the timeline,why don't come back with those 3 characters too?


If shaggy it's really coming for MK11,why Reiko,Havik and Shujinko can't coming back too?


We will be eternally grateful to you if this happens in MORTAL KOMBAT 11!!


Share with your friends who like these 3 characters and help us fulfill our desire!


Hugs for all fans and Netherrealm Studios!!