Dale Vince Take Down the European Flag

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Dale Vince has put the European Flag which is offensive to many people including my self no respect for the majority who won Brexit the 17.4 million 52%

anyways, I’ve seen it and made me sad that there’s no United Kingdom flag.

wheres the respect for people?

Well, sadly there is none and it continues to stay up and know It have offended people. It’s also shouldn’t be allowed as a business people will feel unwelcome and at the end of the day its a shove in the face.

the question we should be asking is what the European Union giving him in subsidies?

theres no blatant respect and ignorance as well as nobody has a say!

Also, 17.4 million electorates voted back in the 2016 to get their respect back and this was from the decision which should of been respected from day one. Yet we have people like Dale Vince who flies this flag which is offensive to a lot of people including veterans.

Think about those veterans who voted to leave and they are seeing this very daunting flag.

their are also many other issues such as covering windows which is seen as health and safety risk. This is dangerous as the emergency services may not be able to gain access which is risking a lot of lives.

Theres a lack of respect and morals because 52% voted to leave so the £350 million could be spent on the NHS, education.

i believe like many others as I was unable to vote as only 16 year old. I feel we are being betrayed and that the authorities are allowing this flag to be flown.

like said there should be planning permission whether we are in the European Union or not. 

If I were to fly the Union Jack or the England flag I would be told to remove it. So my question is why are you letting this flag which does not represent myself or Stroud!

i love going to stroud and this beautiful constituency but this flag is offensive, disrespectful and very daunting. Makes me feel unwelcome and sad.

also, may I not forget this flag also shows ignorance to all people whether remain or leaves as most remainers respect the decision.

Many, people has said they will not visit or come to Stroud as they feel unwelcomed and it’s funny that their no Union Jack. 

Dale Vince mentioned in an article, ‘up yours’ to the government this is childish. The reason it’s childish is that surely if your democratic you would respect the referendum not forgetting the harsh policies the EU has forced on us as a country.

Not forgetting the workers are also pro Brexiteers and have different beliefs so may cause conflict at work and feel they cannot explain how they feel with the fear.

imagine, those who don’t want to work their because of that bureaucratic flag. It needs to be removed otherwise as an authority you reserves the right to remove it.

He says that the government are using Brexit to 'ignore' climate change. Brexit has nothing to do with climate change and is a different issue which he should approach separate.

The 10 metre flag flies above the entrance and is on poles so once again this is worrying that he’s using politics amongst business, it’s really not healthy to damage customer relationships. 

In a Facebook post he said: "It's for Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, the hard Brexiteers who want to drag us out of the EU.

"I think the EU is a great thing, if you look at the impact it's had on Britain in particular in cleaning up our waterways and beaches and stuff.

"A lot of the environmental legislation we've embraced today came from Europe, over the heads of our government."

What does climate have to do with Brexit?

The answer is nothing as we have a system where we elect 650 MP’s and then they go to parliament to debate issues and to create new legislation. The EU like behind the scenes not important apart from controlling us and having a lot of influence over this country which is another reason we want this flag down as not representing the Stroud constituency.

Please Stroud District Council I’m urging you to take down this ridiculous flag if you want people to feel welcome then you have to make sure they are. A lot of people have also emailed you in support of my petition.

This comments is also disturbing "We all know now much more about the actual impact of leaving the EU – and there are no versions that make us better off." democracy is being ripped away from us. We voted and that’s wasn’t to remain. Otherwise, next general election � people may say they are unhappy with the results. Jo doesn’t happen people wants to get on with life’s.

we can’t get on with our lives if you don’t remove this horrendous flag. Just shows ignorance and petty.

we were supposed to leave on the 29th march 2019 so technically this flag should not have been allowed to fly.

Some of the comments are as followed:

  • Union Jack is our flag ~ it is our heritage & Pride & we are capable as a nation to survive without the "eu" flag
  • I quite agree this is England not the EU flag must be taken down!!
  • I am a patriot and find the European flag offensive
  • The British People who bothered to vote in the EU referendum, voted by a narrow majority to leave the EU by the end of March 2019, why is this flag there?
  • A lot of brave people died for carrying the Union Jack, that should be flying proudly instead of a flag that people don't want.

if you don’t remove or force Dale Vince then I will go to the media and continue to protest and will show how undemocratic you are.

we are young people and we want to be listened. Not ignored we may not be old enough to vote but doesn’t mean we can’t protest or petition against stuff which we are unhappy about.

cant believe you actually allows Ecotricty to fly this flag it’s an eyesore.its an eyesore because it’s  unpleasant. When you visit Stroud you want to see the beauty not some giant flag which looks down on people.

its sad that people are not being listened to. Plus the EU not a country so why is he flying it. It does not represent our values or our sovereignty we stand for.

its so dreadful for Stroud as a whole, really disappointing. A lot more will say it’s repugnance.

Vince proudly proclaimed: “We've dodged a bullet, twice in the last week or so, when we nearly left the EU, or were 'supposed to' but we haven't.

“So today, we've put a huge EU flag up on the front of Ecotricity's HQ in Gloucestershire.

This is truly shocking for everyone who have given up their freedom. Then saying it’s dodging a bullet this is because you have not taken down. If you did then everyone will be happy. 

Majority's would disagree with the following statement “We are Europeans and that's something to be proud of.” as people fought for this country who would disagree and is he not proud of uk? What about his workers? They may feel betrayed? Do they even matter to him? 

I could say more but will keep it short!


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