Establish the Africa Youth Committee on Corruption

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Ahead of the 2018 January 30-31 Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, we are kindly requesting you to sign this petition to be presented to the Officials and Delegates at the ECOSOC Youth Forum to establish the Africa Youth Committee on Corruption.

Africa is underdeveloped because the majority of our leaders are taking away public funds for their personal used instead of working for the masses of the people’s development.

Young people must elevate to more leadership roles locally, regionally and internationally and continue to advocate for transparency and accountability. The youth can help communities to document cases of corruption by developing reporting platforms on the web or through mobile apps. Social media, in particular, is an effective way to address corruption in real-time. (ECOSOC's Africa Breakout session).

Recognizing the youth as a key ingredient in the fight against corruption is paramount given the role they play in changing attitudes and instilling cultural accountability. Since youth represent a significant part of the population and are generally more open to social change and political transformation, it could be surmised that they would have less interest in maintaining the status quo.

Furthermore, engaging the youth is also paramount as this sector of the population tends to be more exposed to bribery and therefore particularly vulnerable to corruption; this is because they are involved in almost every aspect of society – as students, pupils, workers, customers, and citizens
(Transparency International 2009)

The African Youth Committee on Corruption will serve as an Africa Civil Society pressure group that will prevail on Government persecute corrupt officials in Government and anyone involve with corruptions. The group will train, host events, international conferences on corruption and work through many ways in moving towards the fight against corruption.

The group will work in partnership with the Country's Anti-Corruption Agency, civil society groups, students, youth, workers and everyone in the society to draft plans and actions to bring people to justices who are embezzling public funds.

The Committee will have its leadership structure in all of the African Countries as a platform to fight against corruption naming and shaming individuals involve with corruption.

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