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Help support the Outdoor Adventure Club at EC

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The Outdoor Adventure Club at Eckerd College has been thriving this year. It holds almost biweekly events that help get the students off of campus and immersed in the Florida wildlife and culture. Their budget for this year began at $1,000, not anywhere near what is necessary to fund an active club with more than 200 members. 

This semester they had to petition two times with a new budget proposal for an extra $1,000, as the club participation increased drastically in one month (this January). After two tries, they granted them an extra $700, with the help from our amazing Lee Irby, adviser of the club, sponsoring another $100. They asked for $3,500 for this coming full year, and only received $1,500. With a current attendance restriction to a maximum of 18 active students at each event, they NEED Eckerd to better sponsor this club.

Eckerd has been using this club to help advertise for the school, yet the club isn't even supported enough to be able to do all the activities the school is advertising about. 

Please sign this petition to get Eckerd College to better support one of their most thriving, active, popular and meaningful clubs. They just need an extra $2,000. 

To view our adventures and activities, please visit our public instagram page:

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