Economic Equity Inclusion Initiative

Economic Equity Inclusion Initiative

July 9, 2022
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Started by Tess Stephens

Economic Equity Inclusion Initiative is a promotion of diversity and inclusion. Economic Equity Inclusion Initiative requires access to various services to contribute to overall healthier living for both communities of color and moderate to low income communities. By providing the pertinent services to develop economic independence, educational equity, health stability and nutrition provision. This is initiative is supported by the following statistical data: JSON
Race          Total          High School             Bachelors
White          30,682.         27,199.                   7,253
Black           4,050             3,402                      709
Hispanic.       1,185.              924.                     145
2+ Races         791                 654.                      79
Asian               560                  529                      352
Other Race      434                 353                           71
Native American. 156             110
Islander                 17                 17

Name               Total.          In Poverty             Poverty Rate
White                 44,350.       10,450.                    23.56%
Black.                   4,944          1,737                   35.13%
Multiple                 1,972            708                     35.90%
Hispanic               1,356             391                     28.83%
Asian                       871             274                     31.46%
Other.                      133.           NaN%

Name                Veterans               % of Total
White.                  3,091                      7.65%
Black                      398                      6.97%
2+ Races                  87                      6.36%
Hispanic                   56                      3.43%
Other Race               50                      8.39%
Asian                        23                      2.46%
Native American      13                       8.33%

In addition to these charts the cancer rate is higher than the national average and highest in the nation. Mental health is a great concern as well because of both environmental factors and hereditary.
Our initiatives focus on providing individuals with quality care now and generations to come. We aspire to build communities through diversity, inclusion, economic development and health. Our Initiatives look at multiple ways to improve accessibility to affordable economic independence, educational equity, health stability and nutritional provision. We propose to address our concerns by supporting the growth of Hope Community Center of Knowledge and the build of Hope Community Medical Crisis Center.
The Black community of Terre Haute has suffered from a mirad of problems for over 7 decades. H.C.C.K will offer one avenue of support to address some of the equity and health deficits present. Hope Community Center Knowledge, functions as an administrative home office for Leviticus Development Corporation & business center. Hope Community Center of Knowledge is a Black owned institution and epicenter of economic development for people equity & inclusion. Our Initiative will include capital expenditures for both new construction & renovations and business center programs & training.
L.D.C. is the nonprofit affiliate member of H.C.C.K. L.D.C. handles the fiduciary responsibilities for grant funding and disseminations of appropriations for invoices, human resources & programs. L.D.C. the board will work in tandem with H.C.C.K. administer. L.D.C. is in agreement with appointed administrator Tess Brooks Stephens and the Black Infrastructure Committe’s recommendations. The recommendation is as follows: Renovations to Hope Community Center of Knowledge including Hope Commuinty Garden expansion and building Hope Community Medical Crisis center. All funds will be handled by certified accounting firm “MYB Accounting and Consulting Services”. This petition is for support of this project in requesting 6.2M in ARP funding for the City of Terre Haute.


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Signatures: 45Next Goal: 50
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