Spring sports for International leadership of texas

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Hello I am making this because Our soccer and softball season got cancelled because of the covid-19.. I know that y'all want to take our health first and I understand but I just wanted to say Thanks but we still wanna play.. And I had in mind to ask you to give us our soccer and softball season back during the summer.. All the athletes were excited to start playing and racing for the ones in track.. All the 6th grade athletes were happy that they were going to be playing.. But you took all the excitement from them.. Please take this serious and Think about giving us our season back during the summer.. Please and thank you 

If you're voting Thank you so much for the support we just love our sport and just training  to just give it away like nothing.. We appreciate your votes and Please share to your friends and family.. 

We look foward to accomplishing this goal that we have set

Stay safe 

-Much love from us to you❤