How to Choose a Perfect Ecommerce Shopping Cart to Attract Millennials

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If you are in online business for a long time, you must have heard about millennials. You must have heard about them even if you`re a newbie in the world of ecommerce. Everybody talks about millennials these days.These are the new customers that are changing the shopping experience for both shoppers and merchants rapidly. Millennials are people for whom new ecommerce shopping carts are created. They are perfect ecommerce shoppers because they adore the Internet, and at the same time they expect more from online shopping  and refuse to buy insurance and cars. They think about online business and can create a shopping cart ecommerce themselves easily. They are always online, browsing, buying things, selling them on eBay, tweeting about it, and writing posts on Facebook at the same time. They are bombarded with ads from morning till night and pay no attention to the new ecommerce shopping carts. That is why they are very attentive to what they see on the shopping cart ecommerce. It is a young and active generation that is ready to buy in a new smarter way. If you`re an online businessman, the question you might ask yourself is: “Oh God, how can I choose shopping cart ecommerce to attract millennials if they are so different?” Well, there are several things you can do to grab the attention of this audience. But you have to learn about them first to understand what they would want from a shopping cart ecommerce.

Who are these people? Millennials are the people born after 1986 and up to 1995. Today they constitute up to 30% of all online shoppers because they spend at least six hours a week browsing the Internet and looking for a bargain on ecommerce shopping carts. By 2030 they can constitute 40% of your customers unless you sell insurance (because they don`t think much about risks). Millennials know the Internet better than their own neighborhood. And it`s no wonder they trust any shopping cart ecommerce more than retailers and supermarkets. These people would buy everything online if free delivery was available. In other words, millennials are very different that is why if you want to sell something online to them, you need to choose some sophisticated ecommerce shopping cart.

In reality, all ecommerce shopping carts are basically the same: they offer merchants a platform for their products, and in some case, they can provide their customers with marketing services. If you want to sell to millennials, who  are not willing to spend money as eagerly as their parents, you should find some revolutionary new ecommerce shopping cart. Why?

  • Because millennials are not thrilled with shopping as much as baby boomers, for instance, it's hard to impress them with anything. Even the most sophisticated ecommerce shopping carts seem trivial and ordinary to them unless they have some wow element. Millennials grew up in supermarkets and comic shops, who can blame them for being apathetic? In other words, they are natural born shoppers who don't like shopping as much as previous generations. That is why it's crucial to get them engaged emotionally providing them with the unique experience with the help of excellent ecommerce shopping cart.
  • To be honest, they perceive brands differently, they see them as personas or ideas. Ecommerce shopping carts they view as classy showrooms even if they are virtual(which is even better in their opinion) Millennials can write to their favourite brands or tell about them as if they're some close friends. So among all ecommerce shopping carts, you should choose the one that can provide with this personalized experience. It must be an intuitive website that you can adapt to the requirements of the market and trends that change often as much as you need or  automatically. Few ecommerce shopping carts provide their users with such an opportunity. Besides, you will also need an ecommerce shopping cart that is visually stunning.That`s essential. It must be able to upload high-quality photos, of course and it must be a seducing ecommerce shopping cart.
  • Millennials adore fact-checking. I assure you, they won't buy unless they read all the reviews available and won't ask their friends and relatives about some brand. So it's more effective to choose an ecommerce shopping cart that is synchronized with the top marketplaces, such as eBay on Amazon. Experts are confident that millennials treat shopping differently today: they can spend as much time as necessary to make a thorough research about products. They can go to social media profiles of the company and read what people think about this or that brand. So choosing an ecommerce shopping cart, you must make sure it is adapted for commenting and creating reviews. Because millennials will read them, that`s for sure.
  • Entertainment is another important factor. In several years millennials` spending power will reach its peak. But they won't just buy when they need to buy, let`s say, new clothes.They will be searching for ecommerce shopping carts that could provide them with clothes plus a little entertainment. Actually, these young people perceive shopping as an opportunity to have fun more than some serious business. Earning money must be fun so spending them should also be entertaining.  So if you're are choosing a shopping cart ecommerce to sell something to millennials you must keep it in mind. Intuitive, friendly, and cute website promises more fun than some old-school website created on the template. So when choosing among ecommerce shopping carts, avoid free or old platforms because they won't give millennials fun. Powerful shopping cart ecommerce is the best solution in this case.
  • 84% of millennials admit that they always pay attention to content on the brands` website. Informative high-quality content is what attracts young shoppers today in the ecommrece shopping cart. As I already mentioned, millennials always research the information about the products before buying. If they can find the answers they are searching for on your website, they would trust is more. And you are competing for trust with other ecommerce shopping carts.
  • Make sure you can prove that you're selling a great product. Millennials grew up in the world of ads, they got used to ads and don't really pay attention to them.Even if you have incredible PPC campaign, your ecommerce shopping cart must be perfect. So if you do want to attract them, you have to be honest and provide a real proof. If you create a story behind your brand and use high-quality photos or infographics, you will increase your chances of reaching millennials. That is why your ecommerce shopping cart should be immaculate in terms of visual design.
  • Millennials prefer mobile phones and tablets to personal computers. They place a bet on mobility and never lose. Millennials always post on-the-go and browse.When they choose among ecommerce shopping carts, they will always pick the one that is optimized for mobile devices. If your website looks attractive even on the smartphone, it`s totally worth attention. If it's not comfortable and user-friendly, then millennials will forget about it and switch attention to something else.They can check their Instagram and write code simultaneously because they grow up in the world where multitasking is a basic skill. 82 % of millennials admit that mobile devices played a decisive role in the choice of an ecommerce shopping cart.
  • Place a bet on marketing. Shopping carts for ecommerce  can only attract customers through the effective marketing. If your platform provides additional marketing services, it means that you have more chances to reach millennials. SEO is the basis, of course, choose a shopping cart ecommerce which has SEO wired into it. SMM, PPC are optional but are very desirable. Use all the marketing tools possible.

These are unique tips written after a long work with young and demanding shoppers called millennials. Hope they will be of service to you  when you decide to choose a shopping cart ecommerce.

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